Vitruvian Shield

Explore the endless possibilities of the e-Health solution of tomorrow

Why Vitruvian Shield?

Diagnosis Support

Monitor heart rates, stress levels, sleep activity and much more

Remote Follow-up

Detect seizures and their triggers, view their history and manage medication treatment schedules

Research Focused

Export all your data in bulk for your applications and data analysis

State of the art sensor data collection

by Analog Devices

Vitruvian Shield Mobile App

An easy and intuitive way to share your data with all professionals in charge of providing you with after-care and medical follow-up.

Vitruvian Shield Web App

Access your patients' data anywhere, at any time.

Vitruvian Shield Research API

Import our solution into your projects by using our thoroughly documented Research API

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Our Roadmap

1. Medical Research

1. Medical Research

Monitor your research subjects' health signals 24/7
Keep track of your subjects' medication schedule
Export your collected data easily into a usable dataset

2. Chronic Care

2. Chronic Care

Monitor your patients' health signals and treatment progress
Keep track of your patients' medication schedule and effectiveness
Monitor your patients' health crisis events

3. Elderly Care

3. Elderly Care

Be alerted everytime an elder in your care leaves a designated area
Keep track of medication schedules
Keep a journal of health crisis events