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Our first use case is a 24/7 epilepsy diagnostic, monitoring and assistante digital tool for epilepsy care, for that reason we started our product development and performance of clinical studies as well the dissemination of outcomes and scientific publications with the CHUV in Lausanne and this until end 2020.

Upon completion of successful clinical trials we open to all partnerships with Swiss and European health stakeholders on epilepsy field, for new clinical trials and remote care monitoring collaborations.

As a healthcare player, you benefit from a unique diagnostic and support tool; allowing you to contribute to the development of better treatments and to save your patient while improving his quality of life.

As a medical digital tool we focus on international medical partnerships to research proposes; and diversify our use case on different medical specialties as Addiction, Cardiology, Endocrinology, diabetology, hypertension, Nutrition, Therapeutic chronic diseases, Palliative medicine, Neurology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Psychiatric, e-Health and télémédecine.

With International academic Hospitals or health organisations we focus on the following use cases and partnerships: remote health monitoring and assistance, clinical trials, research and development for drugs and ambulatory assistance.

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The Vitruvian Shield project has the support from Innosuisse (Swiss Innovation Agency), aid associations financed by Swiss donors, local economic affairs department and the generosity of people like you to provide funds that will offer the possibility to develop our scientific research and technologies on a daily basis.

Anyone who has an interest in helping to advance the fight against epilepsy and to contribute to the ehealth revolution can make a donation.

How we use your donations?
When we say that research is our sole focus, we really mean it: we spend all new donations on funding research – 100% of it.

With the main objective of improving and saving patients' lives we are developing a remote digital diagnostic tool equipped with artificial intelligence and learning algorithms, which will make it possible to extend its use to the study and clinical trials of different pathologies and chronic diseases, thus contributing to the optimization of remote diagnosis and treatment.

Donors will benefit exclusively from our newsletter and will be the first to benefit from our products and services as well as the opportunity to become an investor.

After making a donation, you will need to send the copy by email with your contact details*.The Vitruvian Shield project is owned and developed by the company “Swiss Custom Watches SA” based in Switzerland in La Chaux De Fonds.

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