Concept, Features and Benefits

Vitruvian Shield is an exclusive 24/7 e-health software as a service (SaaS) for remote monitoring, diagnosing, and medical research.
Vitruvian Shield offers you the last generation of a connected smartwatch, a mobile API, and a web API on a national medical-grade cloud dataset.

The patient benefits from 24/7 assistance in emergency events with our mobile API and a digital health diary allowing them a continuous follow-up of treatment efficiency and treatment/diagnostic costs optimization.

Our web API provides medical professionals support to a more exhaustive diagnosis including physical and sleep activity, stress levels, cardiac rate, falls, skin temperature, medication compliance, and seizures reporting.

Optimize the diagnosis, follow-up, and short and long-term treatment of each patient and supporting the medical research institutions with valuable and actionable health data.

How it works

Vitruvian Shield is the combination of a number of powerful tools which, together, are able to create a product that helps patients with epilepsy develop a better quality of life.
With Vitruvian Shield patients have access to a smartwatch equipped with biometric state of the art sensors. These sensors collect data about the patient’s condition which, in turn, is sent to a mobile application.

Through that data, the mobile application is able to monitor the user’s condition, and will trigger automatic emergency calls during an epileptic seizure. This way, either the professional or the patient’s family members, or even emergency responders, are able to know in real time that the patient requires help, enabling them to react in time to prevent permanent and severe damages to the patient’s brain.

The application also enables the user to monitor his own data and configure some options about how he/she would like Vitruvian Shield to react to his/her own condition. Through the app, the user is also able to register detailed data, if he/she so wishes, providing even more information to his/her professional.

From a physician’s perspective Vitruvian Shield is a powerful data collection tool. The data collected from the smartwatch is stored anonymously in a secure cloud database, so the physician is able to view data about his/her patients in real time, as well as a full history of the patient’s data. This allows for the medical professional to tailor the treatment to each patient’s real needs, improving their performance and reducing treatment costs.

Meanwhile, Vitruvian Shield will provide the anonymized data to Epilepsy research, taking full advantage of the data collection capabilities, and, in the long term, improving life for every single epilepsy patient in the world. This is our main goal.