Data & Research

Our vision and policy on data sharing

We collect meaning data with the following goals:
  • To introduce telemedicine features in epilepsy treatment and contribute to the optimization of patient follow-up capabilities, reducing the number of examinations and consultations over time as well as the associated expenses;
  • To create a data portrait of epileptic crises, which is relevant to the search of more appropriate treatments for patients who do not respond to medication (pharmacoresistance);
  • To develop a 24/7 assessment monitoring solution to optimize reductions or discontinuation of antiepileptics;
  • To decrease the current annual Swiss mortality rate of 50 patients through real time warnings and medication alerts.
In order to achieve these objectives we propose a national Medical grade cloud dataset complying with:
  • (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation and ISO 13485;
  • Physical storage on Swiss National Servers and ISO 27001, 14001, 50001;
  • Data anonymization / ownership / monetisation.