Data and Research

Vitruvian Shield's vision and policy on data sharing has your best interests in mind, that is why we only collect meaningful data with the following goals

Introduce telemedicine features to epilepsy treatment to contribute to patient follow-up capability optimization by reducing the number of appointments needs, saving you money and time

Create a data portrait of epileptic seizures and their triggers to improve our understanding of the disease and our treatment capabilities

Allow your medical professionals to understand your body's response to treatment so it is adjusted to fit your needs the best

Lower the current mortality rate of epilepsy patients by asking for medical assistance automatically when a seizure is detected and the user is unable to call for help themselves

To achieve these goals, Vitruvian Shield's dataset complies with:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP)
  • ISO 13485
  • Data anonymization
  • Data ownership
  • Data monetization