For Individual Use



View information about your vital signs in real time.
Monitor a vast range of biometric signals and gather valuable information about your overall health condition.



Feel protected knowing that emergency responders, as well as your loved ones, will be automatically contacted in the event of a health crisis detection.



Help your healthcare providers personalize your treatments by sharing with them the data you want to share.

The e-Health solution of tomorrow

By combining the Vitruvian Shield app with the smartwatch, you'll be equipped with a unique tool that continually monitors your health, allowing you to feel safe and protected, while collecting data your healthcare providers can use to personalize your treatments.

The Watch

Equipped with a vast range of state of the art sensors, the Vitruvian Shield Smartwatch collects biometric data from the wearer


The App

The App monitors the user's health in real time, offering many features that allow the user to configure his/her experience


Key Features

Here's what to expect from Vitruvian Shield in the future

Epileptic Seizure Detection

We aim to develop an algorithm for automatic detection of epileptic seizures

Emergency Calls

Set up a list of emergency contacts for automatic or voice activated emergency calls

Health Crisis Reports

Help your healthcare providers identify health patterns by sending them reports about crisis events

Appointment Requests

Request appointments with your healthcare providers through the app

Medication Alerts

Keep track of your medication and help your healthcare providers relate it with your biometric responses

Checkup Reminders

Be reminded of routine biometric checkups requested by your healthcare provider

Contribution to Healthcare Research

Provide anonymous data to healthcare research

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