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Coordinate the work between collegues or even between different institutions by organizing your research in team projects.



Gather data from a vast range of certified biometric sensors from any number of research participants.



Access raw data in an easy, simple way, to use in research projects and papers with the Vitruvian Shield Web API.

Collect Raw Biometric Data

The Vitruvian Shield smartwatch, combined with the mobile application, provide the wearer with a unique tool that continually monitors and collects a vast range of biometric signals.

The Watch

Equipped with a vast range of state of the art sensors, the Vitruvian Shield Smartwatch collects biometric data from the wearer


The App

The App monitors the user's health in real time, offering many features that allow the user to configure his/her experience


Focus on your Research

The Vitruvian Shield research tools help researchers focus on what really matters: their research; by providing a platform through which they can easily view their research participants' raw biometric data and also retrieve it to use in their studies.

The Web App

The Web App allows health providers and researchers to analyze their patients' health data in real time

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Our Web API allows researchers to collect anonymous data to use in their biomedic research


Key Features

Here's what to expect from Vitruvian Shield in the future

Use Multiple Biometric Sensors

Gather data from a vast range of certified biometric sensors

Collect Raw Biometric Data

Collect raw data, without any added processing whatsoever

Identify Patterns

Relate the collected biometric data with participants' medication intakes and health crisis events such as epileptic seizures


Visualize data through the Vitruvian Shield Web App


Access your research participants' raw data through the provided Web API


Join forces with other research institutions and teams and organize your research through team projects

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