Our Vision

Vitruvian Shield helps healthcare teams to monitor and manage patients in ambulatory situations and in their own homes. We shine a light on human health outside of the hospital, delivering unprecedented insight's to healthcare professionals and surfacing those who are at high risk of illness before they deteriorate.

Vitruvian Shield uniquely brings together Swiss and Europeens experts in artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, electronics and software engineering, product design and clinical operations to deliver a technologically and scientifically complex platform globally.
We intend to become a leader in remote care technologies; we believe that the continuous improvement of our technology for multiple use cases on different medical specialties such as drug addiction, cardiology, endocrinology, diabetology, hypertension, nutrition, chronic therapeutic diseases, medicine palliative, neurology, pharmacology, toxicology, psychiatry, e-health and telemedicine; will allow us to create better treatments, improve and save the lives of those who need it most, and help digitize health.