Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with a vast range of specializations.
With our collective knowledge, we are able to inovate, design, build and tackle all challenges in order to create a unique product which aims to be the absolute best it can be.

Vitruvian Developers

Jorge Neves

MSc in Biomedical Engineering: Specialization in Electronic Instrumentation

Eng. Rui Ferreira

MD in Informatics and Systems Engineering: Specialization in Information Technologies

Full Stack Developer and Data Analyst

Eng. Luís Henriques

MD in Informatics and Systems Engineering: Specialization in Software Development

Full Stack Developer and Software Architect

Paulo Martins

Management, sales, marketing, design, R&D

Founder and CEO

Sohrab Saberi Moghadam

Expertise in neuroscience and cardiovascular wearable medical devices
Software tests for RPM solutions
Algorithm design, ML and AI for R&D solutions

Bio-medical Engineer
Data scientist

Patrick Casteau

Sports Business Consultant with expertise in business development, stakeholders relations and project/event management
Entrepreneur in the Sports, Education, Tech and Health industries

Head of Sports Division
Member of the Board

Sébastien Guarnay

Data scientist for medical applications
PhD in Physics
Double MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Medical Data Scientist
Member of the board

Medical Advisors

Prof. Philippe Ryvlin

Head of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences - CHUV

Medical Adviser for Vitruvian Shield clinical trials and gold standard validation.

Dr. Ilona Wisniewsk

CHUV Research Manager
Clinical Scientist
Foundation Manager

Project Chief

Business Advisor

Dr. Marco Ruëdi, MD, eMBA, eMMM

Entrepreneur, Coach and Trainer in the Swiss Start-up ecosystem
Translational medicine

Innosuisse Platinn Coach